Traffic in My City

Traffic in My City

I live in a big city. It takes not little time to get from one place to another here. But there is a transport system and I would like to tell about it a little.

I live in a far district. Every day I have to go to my university which is situated in another district of the city. At 8-15 I leave the house, go to the nearest bus-stop and take a bus or a trolleybus there. I go to the underground, it is not very far, in three stops. The bus takes me there in 5 minutes. A trolleybus trip is a little longer.

The bus as well as the trolleybus have a terminal stop at the underground. Everybody gets off the bus and goes to the underground. I like to use the underground. It is very fast, the trains go every 3 minutes. And there are no traffic jams, of course. If you use the underground you can be sure that you wouldn’t be late.

An underground trip is comfortable. It is always warm there, the trains are spacious. The stations are decorated with sculptures and mosaics. During a trip one can study advertising in the trains – sometimes there is a useful information there.

It takes me about 15 minutes to get to the necessary station. On the 5th station I get off and go upstairs by an escalator. Now I have to take another bus to get to my university. Or I can take a tram there if I have enough time.

Usually it takes me half and an hour to get to the university. But if there are traffic jams, or if I leave home a little later, I have to take a taxi. Taxi is the fastest city transport.