Our country is very big and lies in the northern hemisphere. The climate and the seasons differ a little bit from each other in Russian regions. But everywhere it is hotter in summer and colder in winter. In spring new grass grows and nice flowers blossom. In autumn leaves fall off, the harvest is collected and everybody and everything prepares to winter. This is typical for all countries of the northern hemisphere.

The autumn months are September, October and November. The autumn is not especially warm. On average the temperature is 10-15 degrees above zero.

In my opinion the autumn is the nicest season. Trees become golden, red and orange. Ripe fruit come into view between the leaves. Rowan-trees look very nicely in autumn.

In the countryside one can observe fields and forests in all gradations of the golden autumn and enjoy these marvelous views.

The autumn brings stillness, everything starts to fall asleep bit by bit, one often thinks of the inconstancy of the life and at the same moment of the constant repetition of the seasons. Although the autumn is considered often as the withering of the nature, this is already the beginning of the new life. All animals prepare themselves not only for the winter, but also for the next year too. They make up comfortable winter houses for themselves and gather food to appear after the winter strong and healthy.

It often rains in the autumn, and the days become smaller and smaller and colder, but I like this season very much.